About Me

I am the Product Director at Differential, a digital product agency based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Although Differential is based in Cincinnati, we have employees all across the country, from L.A. to New York, from Las Vegas to Florida. I live in Orlando, FL with my beautiful wife, our son, my step-daughter, and our pug, Jabba.

In addition to being Product Director, I am also a Product Lead of one of our product teams. As Product Lead, I am responsible for leading a team of designers and developers in the creation of a digital product for our client. At Differential, we engage in long-term relationships with our clients in order to Define, De-risk, and Deliver elegant solutions to the problems they – and their customers – are facing. Some of my responsibilities include:

What about hobbies?

I love what I do, but I care deeply about spending quality time with my family. I love to get outside for walks, go biking, go to the park, take pictures, spend time talking to one another, and watching the kids grow (way too fast!).

Personally, I enjoy reading books, catching up on Netflix and movies, splurging on Apple products I don’t need, trying to find new things to learn, and constantly figuring out ways to minimize the things that aren’t necessary in order to maximize only the essential.

Interested in how I work?

If you’re at all interested in how I work: my workspace, the apps I use, etc., then you can take a gander at what I use to learn all about it! 🖥

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